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1.Why is it so cheap, the products come from?
We are the factory direct agents, products from China factory,APPLE factory in China.

2.The quality of the product?
Products can be used in the Apple store and warranty for a year.

3.product is original ?
products are new,100%original,unlocked,are guaranteed by internationa and packaged in a sealed box,having the integrity of its parts.

4.How to trust?
You can check our company's site. the company's address,telephone included provement and so on.If you have a friend in China,Can directly to our company to buy,This will prove that we are a truly company.

5.How to shopping?
You can use our site shopping cart,this can get the order number.

Free shipping

Total unit,more than 3 unit,free shipping and 3%discount

Total unit,more than 5 unit,free shipping and 5%discount

Total unit,more than 10 unit,free shipping and 8%discount

6.How long does it take to deliver?
receive your payment,we will query as soon as possible and send the products to you within 24 hours.
shipping will arrive within 5 or 6 days.

We are using the Western Union or Bank Transfer T/T payment method nowadays.
Western Union,Bank Transfer need us not to pay any taxes ,
so we are only using them now.

8.The product and return?
  If the return is caused by the product quality or the mistake from us, you will be guaranteed to get 100% refund.
We offer a 15-day return policy.

9.After payment, how to inform the delivery?
After payment, please send payment information and order number to our email
We will help you the confirmation of order and send the order
Email: services.onlinestore@hotmail.com